Friday, May 26, 2017

A Reschenpass Körül

Az Ortler Bike Marathon pályáját jártuk be. Kicsit sok benne az aszfaltos rész, több helyen viszont egyáltalán nem tekerhető, főleg fölfelé. Lefelé csak egyszer kellett leszállni. :)

A Haidersee St. Valentin felől
Schloss Churburg
Régi templomtorony a Reschensee-ben, már a célegyenesben...
Kilátás a kempingből
A még havas Ortler
St. Valentin utcáin

Monday, May 1, 2017


Égig érő fák

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sony HDR-AS200V - "MAX"

I'm using the timelapse function very often with this particular camera and today I ran into one of the limitations of this feature. I just started a new timelapse and a weird "MAX" error message started to blink on the screen... Strangely, there is an upper limit, how many photos you can take with the camera: "The maximum number of files that can be recorded has been reached". The limit is 40.000 photos, which can be easily exceeded with a large enough SD card. The only workaround I found is removing the contents of the AVF_INFO directory or formatting the SD card.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Riedlingeni Séta

Őszi hangulat
Az üres főutca, szombat délután
Lila ablakszárnyak
A Duna Riedlingennél

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ostia Antica & Róma

Nagyvárosi hangulat
"Akadálymentes" híd a vasútállomás mellett
Archeológiai park Ostia Antica mellett
A Teatro közelében
Ókori utcakép
Romok, amíg a szem ellát
Kigyúltak a fények
Forum Romanum
Mercati di Traiano
Piazza Venezia
Altare della Patria
A Szent Péter téren
A  Spanyol lépcső tetején
A Medici villa
Római látkép
Lido di Ostia
Esti úszás
Elhagyatott öltözők (azért melegvíz még akadt)...
Búcsú a tengertől
029 Ristorante, a vasút végállomásánál
Éjszakai busz
A vasútállomás utoljára

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Maker Faire Rome 2016

Kint pedig egy komplett zenekar
A dobos
Mobili Morbidi
A "Fiera di Roma" ölelésében...

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Polar V800 Experiences

After one year of moderate use of the watch (only for trainings, mostly for running) I started to feel somehow satisfied with it. The navigation is finally there and works more or less knowing its limitations, the Strava export works at least in 80% of the cases, open water swimming is also working most of the times and the GPS accuracy is good etc. One thing I still don't like is the Android application. The synchronization still runs for ages even for small workouts and the application is not preventing the phone to go to sleep mode. If that happens the Bluetooth connection is lost, which is ridiculous. But all in all on the software side after the big updates the watch was more or less usable for my purposes.

But a few days before I noticed that the plastic around the data connector started to break off for some unknown reason. I had some other problems with the connector anyway when I synchronized through the USB connector, because the plastic clip was not strong enough to touch the connector pins (I had to manually push it and hold it). It happened also when I cleaned off the corrosion (salt) around the connector...

At the moment I'm strongly considering changing to another brand. Until now I owned only Polar sport watches (RS100, RS800CX), but the newest generation seems to be too fragile and problematic and unfortunately not only on the software side. But let's wait for the results from Polar Care...

Update: Finally I got a completely new watch. I'm a bit disappointed, because the old one probably landed in a trash bin with such a relatively small and - in my eyes - fixable issue... This is a waste. They also wanted to charge me 25 EUR to change the battery in the heart rate sensor and for the new strap, which I don't understand, since it was not my problem, it was not broken and they gave me a new watch anyway. I didn't pay anything in the end. I'll keep the watch now and use it until I can, but this was my last Polar product for a while. Of course, the others have other problems...

Broken parts...